Discounts and coupons for your first three orders over 100 PV
*You receive - 10% Fast Start Use on your first three orders of more than 100 PV which take place within the first 90 days after your registration.
* If your order is at least 100 PV, you will additionally receive your first coupon worth €10, which you can use online in the next month between the 1st and 28th in a further order of over 100 PV.  For full terms and conditions click here.


Satisfaction Guarantee

* If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product to have it replaced without charge, receive full credit toward the purchase of another Amway product, or receive a refund of the full purchase price. This guarantee does not apply to Amway products: (i) which have been used for purposes other than their intended purpose in normal domestic use; (ii) which have been intentionally damaged or misused; (iii) Amway-distributed products which provide a specified time period for return; and/or (iv) those products covered by express written warranties.


Amway Brands 

* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, GBN, Retail Value RSP, % breakdown, 2014
* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Beauty and Personal Care 2015, Premium Beauty and Personal Care and Premium Skin Care category and subcategory; global 2014 value RSP.


Amagram Magazine

* The Amagram magazine is exclusively distributed to Amway business owners who place an order. The online Amagram is available for Special Members and Amway business owners.


Selling Products

*  Only Amway Business Owners, who holds business license, and has sufficient business registration with the local state and tax authorities, are eligible to sell products in Austria,